BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is one of the most admired undergraduate course for the students looking forward to pursuing management studies and is often contemplated as the forerunner to MBA (Masters in Business Administration). This professional degree enlightens undergraduates with the foundational knowledge of business management, financial accounting, management skills, market trends, organizational behaviour, entrepreneurship development, business strategy, competition, eCommerce, retail, marketing, communication, finance and capital management, etc. Though BBA is not obligatory to carry out management at a higher level, it assuredly builds an excellent base for MBA better than any other courses.

Looking at the demand and popularity of the course among students, BBA is now proffered in almost every universities and college in Faridabad. It is not only restricted to regular institutes as well as universities, but many open universities are also now offering BBA Programme for distance education and learning, which has its own convenience and advantages.

Is it good to do BBA from distance learning in Faridabad? Let’s discuss this for students who are contemplating pursuing education through distance learning from open universities. 

1. You can save much money:

 For BBA or any other course, the fee of a distance learning degree is much more affordable and reasonably priced in comparison with the fee of a regular on-campus degree. Students looking for economically feasible options can go for distance learning in Faridabad.

2. You can save much time:

There’s no wastage of time in travelling to and from college, no time misspent waiting for any vehicle to commute daily. Students who don’t have much time on their hands can easily turn to BBA or any other programme from distance learning in Faridabad as a reliable option and pursue it with comfort.

3. Students can study and learn at their own pace:

Doing BBA from distance education offers lots of flexibility and modification. Here students can design his or her schedule for learning and simultaneously working. They can also study all the subjects at their own pace since the books, study material, as well as lecture videos, are all saved online.

4. You can prepare for other exams:

Distance learning in Faridabad allows the candidate to use leisure time to prepare for other related courses or competitive exams in the field of commerce, management, and more.

5. Attaining recognition among others:

Over the years, distance learning has finally found acceptance and recognition among people and employers, which is encouraging. As far as distance learning courses are accredited, students need not be worried. In Faridabad, all distance education programmes, including BBA, are now approved by the Distance Education Council (DEC) and stand automatically acknowledged for the employment purpose in both government and private sector. It also encourages students to pursue higher education along with their job so that employees can develop skills and expertise in their work domain.

Distance learning is gaining popularity among students like never before, so, if you are self-disciplined and self-motivated, pursuing BBA from distance learning in India can be a very good option for you.

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