Distance learning education is popular in India for a long time. Students love the concept of working and learning at the same time. It has many benefits. A person can work and earn money as well as gain a degree without wasting time. In India, there are a few courses that are very popular among the youth for the distance learning mode. Following is a list of undergraduate and postgraduate courses that a student can pursue for a bright future-

1. BA

Bachelors of arts is a common degree that is pursued by many students who want to work and earn a degree side by side without wasting much time or money on it. There are different subjects that are popular among the students for a degree in BA like history, sociology, political science, etc. If a student prefers these subjects for his degree then there are better work opportunities for him.

2. BBA

Bachelor of business administration degree helps to form a strong base for further studies. This is also a degree that you can use to get a job in the corporate sector. There are various options by which you can get this degree. There could be part-time classes or online study material. Therefore, I do not think it would be difficult to get such a reputed degree through distance learning mode.

3. B.Com

A bachelor of commerce is a right degree for people who wish to make their career in the finance sector. This degree gives you lots of knowledge regarding finances and their management. B. Com acts as a foundation to higher degrees like M. Com or MBA finance.

4. BCA

Many people would think that a degree with practical subjects like BCA could not be earned through distance learning but with an online learning system, anything is possible in present times. Students get enough time to practice their skills online and they get proper guidance from teachers wherever necessary.

5. MA

Masters of Arts is a common degree that you can go for if you wish to earn a master’s degree. You can choose one of the many subjects that are given as an option. This course has one of the most flexible completion timing and the course fees are low. So, if you wish to earn a feather in your hat, definitely go for this degree.

6. M.Com

For people with commerce background, M. Com degree is a great option as you can keep your job and study for the degree side by side. This degree will help you to upgrade your CV and you will start getting better job options after earning the degree.

The courses mentioned above are easily available in long-distance mode and one can pursue any course of his choice by applying to the colleges that offer these programs through distance learning mode. One key thing to note here is that distance learning degrees are much cheaper than the regular degrees and they save your time as well.

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