M.A. English or Master of Arts in English is one of the most sought after postgraduate courses in Faridabad that proffers an ocean of career opportunities right after its completion. The course covers a comprehensive study of modern and ancient literature, poetry, criticism, theories, plays and drama, pedagogy, and more. It intended to stretch students independent thoughts, research skills, advance their level of writing, critical, and analytical skills.

These type of courses are now not only confined to regular colleges and universities, but many universities are now leaning towards providing distance education to students. Distance education has improved the way to see higher education. It is a growing phenomenon not only in India but also around the world, and people are interested in knowing more about it and pursuing it. There are numerous universities in Faridabad that allow aspiring students to pursue a master’s degree in English Literature via distance learning that’s exemplary for candidates who, for some reason, are impotent to continue their education in a regular mode. Modern living is just like life on a fast lane, and that’s entirely fitting with distance education.

Prime reasons to pursue an M.A. in English through distance learning:

  1. Cost Factor – Pursuing M.A. in English via Distance Learning considerably costs less than attending a traditional college. The entire amount that one disburse for joining Distance College in comparatively less than regular colleges. Students can get a quality education at a lower price.
  2. Time-Saving – Distance learning, as the term itself states, it does not require daily commuting. This saves much time for M.A. students that would be spent on travelling back and forth. Students can spend more time polishing their skills and hobbies.
  3. Study While Working – You can pursue a master’s degree in English at the same time you are working. Distance learning didn’t conflict with your job timing as it offers complete flexibility in choosing time. Therefore, if you are a working professional, you can choose to pursue M.A. English via distance education.
  4. Helpful for Slow Learners – Education has never been this easy, slow learners can study at their own pace and rhythm that brings out a more concentrated and pressure-free education. Students studying M.A. could learn all the subjects from anywhere and at any time.
  5. A Plethora of Colleges and Universities to choose From: There are an ample amount of good colleges and universities that bestow M.A. English course. Hence, students can choose a place which fits best from them and get their education distantly.

Career Prospects after Pursuing M.A. English through Distance Learning:

After successful completion of the Master of Arts in English from Distance Learning, postgraduates can explore different areas of employment, such as:

  • Teaching and Academia
  • Administration
  • Marketing and Advertising Industry
  • Corporate Communications
  • Communications Industry
  • Content Writer and Proof Reader
  • Indian Civil Services
  • Journalism and Reporting
  • Online Tutoring
  • Politics
  • Publication Houses
  • Public Relations
  • Copywriting and Research
  • TV & Media
  • Translation Agencies
  • Instructional Design

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