School of Basic Science is one of the most prestigious departments of Lingaya's University, which constantly encourages students to explore their own intrinsic qualities and enhance their talent through quality teaching and research. School of Basic Science is having eminently competent and efficient faculty members who are qualified from reputed universities of India like University of Delhi, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), IIT's and NIT's

The School is having following programmes:

  • B.Sc.(Honours) Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics
  • M.Sc.- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  • PhD in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

  • The School is having well equipped Chemistry labs, Physics labs and Mathematics labs for B.Sc. (Hons.) and M. Sc. students. The School of Basic Science is having "Advanced Research Lab" for research purpose for not only faculty members but also students. Lingaya's University is the only university where students are doing research projects from B.Sc.(Hons) first year itself under the expert guidance of faculty members and presenting their work in various conferences / workshops. Our students have presented their research papers in different conferences at IIT Roorkee, IIT Delhi, University of Delhi and other reputed universities. They have been praised at different platforms as young researchers. Lingaya's University is the only university where students are given industrial training in different industries like textile industries, paint industries, pharmaceutical industries and other reputed industries in B.Sc.(Hons.) final year along with their regular classes. Lingaya's University is following complete "Choice Based Credit System" (CBCS) scheme given by UGC for UG and PG level. Frequent industrial visits for the students to various industries like chemical industries, dairy industries, The Energy and Research Institute (TERI), National Physical Laboratory (NPL), sewage treatment plants etc. are organized by the School of Basic Science. Lingaya's university is the only university where students are placed by different placement companies in B.Sc.(Hons) level itself. Placement activities are crowning glory for B.Sc.(Hons) Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics students of the university.

    HOD's Desk

    I am extremely privileged to lead the School of Basic Science which is doing great effort in the field of education and research. We continuously upgrade the benchmark through latest teaching methodology, exploration of new research avenues to cope with ever changing education scenario. All the students are groomed in the healthy environment to immediately adapt themselves to high-pressure working environment after passing out from the university. I am overwhelmed by the team of hard working staff and learned faculty members who have made me proud by making the school of Basic Science excellent in different fields. Faculty members are enrich of quality teaching experience backed by excellent research in different field. Our objective is to impart education, combined with innovative thinking, application of knowledge, inculcating professional ethics and consciousness to social responsibilities in the integrated form. Our vision is to create globally competent Physicists, Chemists and Mathematician with the primary objective of providing quality education through long term value creation. The School of Basic Science is offering B.Sc.(Hons.) Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, M.Sc. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as well as PhD in all three branches. I am confident that with the great efforts of different teams of Lingaya's University, the university will scale to greater heights of excellence in the years to come.

    Dr. Shagufta Jabin


    To be a School committed to promote Science and humanities exploration and Education for attracting young talented students to contribute effectively in augmenting the national pool of human resource who are responsible citizens and have respect for life and sensitivity towards environment.


  • To strive to maximize human welfare through Science and humanities education and develop scientists who have right attitude and aptitude to explore life and contribute to the Society;
  • To develop and maintain state - of - the - art infrastructure and research facilities to enable create, apply and disseminate knowledge;
  • To create inter-disciplinary research environment;
  • To develop human potential to its fullest extent so that intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted leaders can emerge who have deep respect for human life and values; and
  • To prepare students who are capable to take up their future educational and career challenges.
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    Lab Name Equipments Lab Location Total Equipments
    Chemistry Lab-I Reflux condenser (16), Colorimeter(2), Distillation Plant (2), Spectrophotometer(1), Flame Photometer (1), Electrical Balance(2), Digital Balance (2), D.O Meter (1), Magnetic stirrer (2), Hot Plate (5), Melting Point Apparatus (2), Piknometers (21), Oven (2), Redwood viscometer (1), Turbidity meter (1), K-413A 61
    Chemistry Lab-II TDS meter(2), Flash Point Apparatus (1), Cloud Point Apparatus (1), Water Testing Kit (1), Drop Point Apparatus (1), Conductivity meter(2), Jar Apparatus/ Flocculator (2), Muffle furnace (1), Boiling Point Apparatus(1), Oven (1), Refrigerator (1), Redwood viscometer (1), Distillation Plant (1), Potentiometer (1), Semi micro kit for salt analysis(1), Thin Layer Chromatogram(2), Centrifugation Machine (1) K-413B 21
    Physics Lab-I B.H. Curve Apparatus (2), B. Galvanometer Lamp & Scale (1), Bi Quartz Polarimeter(3), Calendar Barns Apparatus (3), Calendar Griffith Bridge(2), Carey Foster Bridge(2), De-Sauty Bridge(2), Diffraction Grating 15000 Line Per Inch(8), Electric Vibrator(1), e/m by Helical Method(2), Field along axis &Stewart Gee's Apparatus(2), Function Generator 1 Hz to 100 Hz(2), Hall effect Set up(2), Four Probe (In/As) [Complete set] (2), Ionization Potential Kit(1), Lee's Disc Apparatus(1), Post Office Box(2) , Tetrode Valve Apparatus(1), Thyatron Valve (2021)(2), K-403A 35
    Physics Lab-II Light Filter (YBGR) for Planck's Constant Apparatus(2), Microscope for Newton's Ring Apparatus(3), Photo Valtic Cell ( Complete Kit)(1), Planck's Constant Apparatus(2), Sodium Vapour Lamp(9), Spectrometer(7), Spherometer ( For Newton's Ring)(2), Spectrometer Prism (Dense Type)(2), Telescope for Resolving Power(3), Ultrasonic Diffraction Apparatus(2), Fresnel Biprism 50x 40 mm(2), Solar Cell(1), He-Ne Laser(1), Optical Banch(2), Travelling Microscope(2), Photo cell(1), Mercury Vapor Lamp(4), Prism(4), Michelson Interferometer(1), Numerical apperture of optical fiber (1), Hydrogen Spectrum setup (1) K-403 B 53
    Physics Lab-III Flashing and Quenching of Neon Bulb Apparatus(3), Stop watch Digital(7), Keter's Pendulum (1), C.R.O(1), Millimeter (Digital) (7), Transistor Characteristic Kit (PNP/NPN)(2), Pendulum(5), Rectifier Kit(1), Stokes's Law Experimental Setup(1), Newton's Law of cooling(2), Varnier Caliper's (4), Screw gauge(4), Soldering Iron & Past Box(2), Tuning Fork(2), Sonometer (2), Fly wheel(3), Maxwell Needle(3), Torsional Pendulum(2), Inclined plane setup(1), Parallelogram experimental setup(1), Inertia Table(2), Measurement of Temperature using RTD(2), Measurement of Temperature using Thermocouple(1), Ballastic Galvanometer setup(1), Resonance Tube apparatus(1), Bar pendulum(1), To determine the value of Boltzman's constant using forward characteristic of diode(1), Absorption spectrum using Iodine vapour (1), Stefan's constant complete with power supply(1), K-404 65
    Applied Numerical Lab 30 computers with updated software is available in ANM lab 3204 30

    Posters of our students have been selected for display in 9th CMS-Vatavaran, Asia’s Largest International Film Festival and Forum on Environment and Wildlife
    Awards & Felicitation Faculty/Students/Staff

    Sr.No. Faculty/Student Name Awarding Authority Details of Award/Certificate/Achievements, Date
    1 Dr Rajesh Kumar Multidisciplinary Approach towards innovation in Research for Sustainable Development, NIMS Universitry, Jaipur Chairperson 17-Jun
    2 Dr. K.K.Mishra International Academy of Science and Engineering for Development (IASED) Membership 17-Jan
    3 PankajPandey Tensor Society of India Membership 17-Jan
    4 ChandanSahu Ministry of Urban Development Overall student coordinator of Lingaya’s University for “Swach Bharat” 17-Jan

    FDP/Short Term Course/Workshop/Conference participated by the Faculty Member/ students:

    Sr.No. Name of Faculty Name of FDP/STC/ Venue
    1 Ms. Tanchi Sharma Workshop on MAPPLE Zakir Husain College, Delhi University
    2 B.Sc(Hons) Phy, Chem and Mathematics students and M.ScPhy and Chem students 9th CMS-Vatavaran, Asia’s Largest International Film Festival and Forum on Environment and Wildlife, which will be held from November 2-6, 2017 Gandhi Smriti and DarshanSamiti, opposite Rajghat, New Delhi.

    Industrial Visits Organized by the School

    Sr.No. Name of Industry Date
    1 Barclays Office, Sector 62, Noida 23rd Feb,2017
    2 Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd, Sonipat. 8th March,2017
    3 Central Drugs Laboratory, Kasauli 6th April,2017

    Guest Lecture/Seminars organized/ Workshop by the School

    Sr. No. Title Name of Expert & Affiliation Date No of Participant
    1 Technical Session on CHEM-CAD for B.Sc(Hons) Chemistry students MrSudhakar, CETPA Project Head. 12th April,2017 60
    2 Workshop on “Recent Advances in Science and Technology” (WRAST-2017) in Collobration with CMS-Vatavaran Mr Jai Uppal,General Secretary, Samyak, VikasSanstha, an NGO, and Sr. Advisor to Center for Alternate,Energy Research and Winrock International India 24th October,2017 95

    Industrial Visits Organized by School of Basic Science

    Mother Dairy Plant, PatparGanj New Delhi February, 2014
    Vita Dairy Plant Faridabad March, 2014
    Visit to Alipur Village for environmental awareness Faridabad April, 2014
    National Physical Laboratory (NPL) New Delhi September-2014
    Royal Chemical Society DU, New Delhi New Delhi August, 2015
    National Physical Laboratory (NPL) New Delhi September-2015
    Sewage Treatment Plant Sonia Vihar, New Delhi March, 2016
    IIT, Delhi (open House) Delhi April, 2016
    The Energy and Research Institute (TERI) Gurgaon October,2016
    Barclay, Noida January-2017
    Yakult India Limited Sonepat February-2017

    Workshop/ Conferences/ Seminar organized by School of Basic Science

    Name of the Seminar/ Conference/ Workshop Organized program offered Organized By Detail of Participants (Total and profile) Moth & Year
    Innovation Conclave/ workshop on Innovations and its application in Science, Technology & management Department of Chemistry in collaboration with Department of Management Sciences, Lingaya's University, Fbd 60 participants Feb,2014
    Workshop on "Water Festival" in collaboration with CMS Vatavaran Environmental & wildlife Film Festival, New Delhi. Lingaya's University in collaboration with CMS Vatavaran Environmental & wildlife FilmFestival 110 participants September,2014
    Prof. G.V.K .Sinha Memorial Science Colloquium-2015 School of Basic Science, Lingaya's University. 250 Participated. March, 2015
    University workshop for undergraduate students in Lingaya's university, 2015 Lingaya's University 65 undergraduate students participated and presented papers April, 2015
    NationalWorkshop on "Advances in ChemicalScience and Engineering for Green Environment" Department of Chemistry, Lingaya's University in collaboration with "Green Chemistry Network centre" University of Delhi. 120 participated April,2016
    Workshop on Need of Instrumentation to meet emerging challenges in Science & Technology: Youth Awareness Department of Physics, Lingaya's University 110 participated May , 2016

    Guest Lectures

    Title of Guest lecture Name of Expert No of Participants Month & Year
    Role of Technology for a Sustainable World - Biofuels an Example Mr. Jai Uppal, Sr. Advisor to Center for Alternate Energy Research and Winrock International India, 90 March,2015
    Mathematics of Cryptography Prof. R.K.Sharma, Professor & Former Head, Dept. of Mathematics, IIT Delhi 120 April 21, 2015
    Role of Semiconductor Defects in Quantum Computing and Biomedical Application Dr. K. Senthilkumar, Centre of Material Science and Engineering, NIT Hamirpur 50 June, 2015
    Nanomaterials for Energy Prof. B R Mehta Schlumberger Chair Professor Department of Physics Indian Institute of Technology Delhi 87 June, 2015
    New Developments in organics Electronics Prof. P.K. Bhatanagar, BSR-Fellow, UGC, Professor , DU South Campus, Delhi 183 September, 2015
    Application of Green Chemistry in Daily Life Prof. R.K. Sharma, Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi. 156 April,2016
    Application of Cryptography ( Coding & decoding) Prof. R.K. Sharma, Professor & Former Head, Dept. of Mathematics, IIT Delhi 170 November,2016


    B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry (View) (Download)
    B.Sc (Hons) Maths (View) (Download)
    B.Sc (Hons) Physics (View) (Download)

    Research and Development

    The School of Basic Science is having "Advanced Research Lab" for research purpose not only for faculty members but also students. Faculty members are involved in research projects in specialized field of Fibre optics, Optoelectronics and Optical Communication, Plasma Physics, Solid State Physics, Material Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Nanoscience, Waste water treatment, etc. Lingaya's University is the only university where students are doing research projects from B.Sc.(Hons) first year itself under the expert guidance of faculty members and presenting their work in various conferences / workshops. The Department has published large number of research papers in reputed national/international referred Journals. Most of the papers are published in Scopus and SCI journals which is a crowning glory for School of Basic Science. Faculty Members of the Department are part of national/international professional bodies, Editorial Team/ Review Team of National/ International Journals. School of Basic Science encourages the frontiers of research through Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Science Exhibition programs. School of Basic Science plays an influential role and promotes research and developments in a wide range of ways.

    List of Publications

    S.No Type of Publication Year Publication Details Average citation index and impact factor of publications
    1. International Journal 2016 Title: Formation/Cleavage: Synthesis of Benzimidazo[1,2-a]quinazoline Derivatives. Authors:Prashant Kumar, Anil K. Singh, Vijay Bahadur, Christophe Len, Nigel G. J. Richards, Virinder S. Parmar. Journal: ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng, 4, 2206−2210. 2016. ISSN No: 2168-0485 Google scholar, Scopus, SCI
    2. International Journal 2016  Title: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Arylpiperazine Based Novel Phthalimides: Active Inducers of Testicular Germ Cell Apoptosis. Authors: Anil Kumar Singh, Jitender R. Bhardawaj and Ram Krishnan Journal:Journal of Chemical Sciences,  128(8), 1245-1263,2016. ISSN NO: 0973-7103 Google scholar, Scopus, SCI
    3. International Journal 2016 Title: Thermal properties of Monovalent heavier metal halides (CsCl structure solids) using Van der Waals Three body force shell model. Authors: K.K. Mishra, S.K.Shukla, K.S. Upadhay. Journal:  Advanced Science Letters, 2016. ISSN No: 1936-6612 Google scholar, Scopus
    4. International Journal 2016 Title: Conformal Transformation in an Almost Hermitian Manifold. Authors: Pankaj Pandey and B. B. Chaturvedi.  Journal: Novi Sad J. Mathematics, Vol.  46, Issue 1, 217-226,2016 Google scholar, Scopus, 
    5. International Journal 2016 Title: Efficient synthesis of metallated thioporphyrazines in task specific ionic liquids and their spectroscopic investigation of binding with selected transition metal ions. Authors: Poonam, Ritika Nagpal, Smriti Arora, S.M.S. Chauhan. Journal: Journal of Chemical Science, 128, 1417–22, 2016.  ISSN No: 0973-7103 Google scholar, Scopus, SCI
    6. International Journal 2016 Title: Guanidine-graphene catalyzed synthesis of flavones via aldol-michael-oxidation. ‎ Authors: Sweta Mishra, Smriti Arora, Ritika Nagpal, S.M.S. Chauhan. Journal: Journal of  Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 16, 1-6, 2016. ISSN No:1533-4880 Google scholar, Scopus, SCI
    7. International Journal 2016 Title: Ground and low-lying collective states of rotating three-boson system, Author: Mohd. Imran and M. A. H. Ahsan Journal: Communications in Theoretical Physics, 65, 473-482 ,2016. ISSN No: 0253-6102 Google scholar, Scopus, SCI
    8. International Journal 2016 Title: Sulfonated graphene – an efficient Cationic Dye adsorbent in Aqueous Solution. Authors: Smriti Arora, Ritika Nagpal, Sweta  Mishra, S.M.S. Chauhan. Journal: Advanced Materials Proceedings, 2016 DOI: 10.5185/amp.2016. ISSN No: 2002-4428   Google scholar, Scopus, SCI
    9. International Journal 2016 Title: Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Salix Viminalis and Screening its Antibacterial Activity. Authors: Shikha Sharma, Mohammad Amir Qureshi, Fehmeeda Khatoon. Journal: Communicated. Journal of Bionanoscience. 10, 1-5, American Scientific Publisher, 2016. ISSN: 1557-7929. Google scholar, Scopus, SCI
    10. International Journal 2016 Title: Study of Kaehler Manifolds Endowed with Lift of Symmetric Non-Metric Connection, J. Authors: Pankaj Pandey and B. B. Chaturvedi Journal: Acta Mathematica Academie Paedagogiace Nyiregyhaziensis, 32(3), 2016. Google scholar, Scopus
    11. International Journal 2016 Title: Structural and Optical investigation of Al doped ZnO Nanoparticles Synthesized by Sol-gel process, Authors: A.Vanaja, G.V.Ramaraju and K.Srinivasa Rao,  Journal: Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 2016, 9(12), 2016. ISSN No : 0974-6846 Google scholar, Scopus
    12. International Journal 2016 Title: Vortex patterns in moderately rotating Bose-condensed gas. Author: Mohd. Imran and M. A. H. Ahsan Journal:Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 2017. ISSN No:0953-4075 Google scholar, Scopus, SCI
    13. International Conference 2016 Title: Effective use of synthetic polyelectrolytes and alum in turbidity removal from different surface water”, Authors: J.K. Kapoor, Shagufta Jabin and  H.S. Bhatia  Name of Conference: International Conference on "Recent Advances in Chemical Science" in Department of Chemistry, AMU, Aligarh, March 29-30, 2016(P No: 25).  
    14. National Conference 2015 Title: Studies of optical, magnetic, electrical, surface and phase modification in Co doped SnO2 crystalline thin films induced by SHI Authors: Manoj Kumar Jaiswal and Rajesh Kumar Name of the Conference: National Symposium on “Innovations in Composites for general purpose to High end Applications - held from 17-18 February, 2015.    
    15. International Conference 2015 Title: Treatment of rice industry wastewater by flotation-flocculation method, Author: J.K. Kapoor, Shagufta Jabin and H.S. Bhatia. Conference:  XIII International Conference on Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, Singapore, Jan 8-9, 2015 (P !88-91).    
    16. International Journal 2015 Title: crystal structure analysis of ebastine (4-(4-benzhydryloxy-1-piperidyl)-1-(4-tert-utylphenyl) butan-1-one): an oral histamine antagonist Authors: Dr. Ranjana Sharma, Dixit Prashar, R.K.Tiwari  Journal: Journal of Applied Crystallography, 48(4), 1299-1301, 2015. ISSN No: 1600-5767   Google scholar, Scopus , SCI
    17. International Journal 2015 Title: Study on Special type of a Weakly Symmetric Kaehler manifold. Authors: Pankaj Pandey and B. B. Chaturvedi Journal: Differential Geometry-Dynamical System, Vol. 17, 32-37,2015. ISSN No: 1454-511X Google scholar, Mathematical Reviews.
    18. International Journal 2015 Title:Chitosan Based Dressings for Wound Care. Authors: Shakeel Ahmed, Mudasir Ahmad, Megha Jayachandran, Mohammad Amir Qureshi and Saiqa Ikram. Name of Journal: Immunochemistry & Immunipathology, 1 (2), 1-6, 2015. OMICS. ISSN: 2469-9756. Google scholar, Copernicus
    19. International Journal 2015 Title: Ethyl acetate Salix alba leaves extract loaded Chitosan based hydrogel film for wound dressing applications. Authors: Mohammad Amir Qureshi; Fehmeeda Khatoon*; Moshahid Ahmed Rizvi; Md. Zafayab. Name of Journal: J. of Biomaterial Science: Polymer Edition, 26 (18), 1452-1464, 2015, Taylor & Francis. Impact Factor-1.788.  ISSN: 1568-5624. Google Scopus/SCI /Scopus
    20. International Journal           2015 Title: Studies of Dense Electronic Excitation Induced Modification in Crystalline Fe doped SnO2 Thin Films. Authors: Manoj Kumar Jaiswal, Rajesh Kumar Journal: Applied Surface Science, 332, 726-735,2015. ISSN NO: 0169-4332   Google scholar, Scopus, SCI
    21. International Journal           2015 Title: In vitro study of temperature and pH responsive Gentamycin sulphate loaded chitosan based hydrogel film for wound dressing applications. Authors: Mohammad Amir Qureshi, Fehmeeda Khatoon.  Name of Journal: Polymer Plastics Technology & Engineering, 54, 573-580, 2015. Taylor & Francis. Impact Factor-1.533.  ISSN: 0360-2559 Google scholar, Scopus, SCI
    22. International Journal                           2015 Title: “Optimization of    coagulation-flocculation process for food industry waste     water treatment using polyelectrolytes with inorganic coagulants. Author: J.K. Kapoor, Shagufta Jabin and H.S. Bhatia Journal: Journal of Indian Chemical Society ,  92, 1697-1703, 2015. ISSN NO: 00194522 Google scholar, Scopus, SCI
    23. International Journal 2015 Title: Study of a New Type of Metric Connection in an Almost Hermitian Manifold. Authors: Pankaj Pandey and B. B. Chaturvedi. Journal: Facta Universitatis (NIS),  Series: Mathematics and Informatics. Vol.  30, Issue 2, 217-224,2015 16ISSN No: 0352-9665 Google scholar, Scopus
    24. International Journal 2015 Title: Positioning & temp optical fibre sensor and application. Author: Kavita Sharma Journal: International Journal of Scientific Research, 4(10), 198-200, 2015. ISSN No : 2277 - 8179 Google scholar
    25. International Journal 2015 Title: Breathing  modes in rotating Bose-condensed  gas: An exact diagonalization study. Authors: Mohd. Imran and M. A. H. Ahsan. Journal: Journal of Atomic, Molecular, Condensate and Nano Physics, 2, 133-139 2015. ISSN No: 2349-2716   Google scholar, Scopus, SCI
    26. International Journal 2015 Title: Exact diagonalization study of Bose-condensed gas with finite-range Gaussian interaction. Authors: Mohd. Imran and M. A. H. Ahsan Journal: Advanced Science Letters, 21, 2764-2767, 2015. ISSN No: 1936-6612 Google scholar, Scopus , SCI
    27. International Journal 2015 Effect of Solvents on particle structure, morphology and optical properties of Zinc oxide nanoparticle A.Vanaja and K. Srinivasa Rao Int. J. Adv. Mat. Sci. Eng. 4(2), 1-8, 2015. ISSN NO: 1662-8985 Google scholar, Scopus , SCI
    28. International Journal 2015 Investigation on synthesis, structural and optical properties of ZnO Nanoparticle prepared by Solgel process A.Vanaja and K.Srinivasa Rao Int. J. Mech. Prod. Eng. Res. Dev. 5 (3), 27-34, 2015. ISSN No:   2249-6890 Google scholar, Scopus , SCI
    29. International Journal 2015 Title: Classification of fibre optic sensor and their applications, Author: Kavita Sharma  Journal: International Journal of Scientific Research, 4(10), 155-158, 2015. ISSN No : 2277 - 8179   Google scholar
    40. International Conference   2014 Title: Dense Electronic Excitation induced modification in Ni doped SnO2 Thin Films. Authors: Manoj Kumar Jaiswal, Rajesh Kumar and D. Kanjilal Name of the Conference: International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - “Aligarh Nano IV International 2014” held at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, U.P, India.    
    41. National Conference 2014 Title:Synthesis and application of cationic polyelectrolytes in treatment of sugar industry waste 7effluent. Authors: Shagufta Jabin, J.K.Kapoor and H.S.Bhatia Name of Conference: National Conference on Mastering in Molecules & Materials (M3-2014), National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra.  Oct 16-17, 2014  
    42. National Conference 2014 Title: Effect of Van der Waals and three body interactions on Thermal and Vibrational properties of BaF2 and PbF2 Authors: Guljari Singh, K.K. Mishra and G.K. Upadhyay Name of the Conference :National Seminar on Advances of Material Science in physics (sponsored by UGC), 20-21 Dec. 2014    
    43. National Conference 2014 Title: Theoretical study of thermal and vibrational properties of cesium chloride and thallous chloride”, Authors: S.K. Shukla,K.K.Mishra and K.S.Upadhyaya Name of the Conference: National Seminar on Advances of Material Science in physics (sponsored by UGC), 20-21 Dec. 2014.    
    44. National Journals 2014 Title: Bifurcation analysis of a host–parasitoid ecological model with the Beddington- DeAngelis functional response. Authors: Tanuja Agrawal, Vinti Agarwal, A. K. Singh and S. Sripriya Journal:  Lingaya’s Journal of Professional Studies, Vol. 7, No. 2,pp 75-79, 2014. ISSN: 0975-53910X  
    45. International Journal 2014 Title: Annular bounds  for the zeros  of  complex polynomial. Authors: Ajeet Singh and Neha Journal:  International Journal of Statistika and Mathematika (IJSM), Vol. 10, pp. 12-15, 2014. ISSN: 2277-2790 Google scholar
    46. International Journal 2014 Title: On the Flatness of Weak Symmetric Manifolds. Authors: Pankaj Pandey and B. B. Chaturvedi  Journal: Journal of International Academy of Physical Sciences, Vol. 18, Issue 4, 79-84,2014 ISSN No: 1992-1950 Google scholar and Scopus
    47. International Journal 2014 Title: Effect of polarization on dielectric behaviour of PET/0.8 PHB polymer liquid crystals Authors: S Yarramaneni, A Sharma, J.K. Kamara Name of the Journal: SOLID STATE PHYSICS: Proceedings of the 58th DAE Solid State Physics, 2014. ISSN No: 9781632666536 Google scholar, Scopus, SCI
    48. International Journal 2014 Title: Photo induced currents in pristine and ion irradiated kapton-H polyimide Authors: A Sharma, Y Sridharbabu, JK Kamara Name of the Journal: Light and its interactions with Matter, 2014 ISSN No: 978-1-4939-1467-8 Google scholar, Scopus, SCI
    49. International Journal 2014 Title: Effect of spin doping and spin injection in the luminescence and bivrational spectrum of C60 Authors: Daniel Gilks, Oscar Cespedes, Timothy Moorsom, May Wheeler, Mohd Taukeer Khan, Fatma Al Ma'Mari, Gavin Burnell, Bryan J. Hickey, VladoLazarov Name of the Journal: Appl. Phys. Lett.105,  2014. ISSN No: 0003-6951 Google scholar, Scopus, SCI
    50. International Journal 2014 Title: Spin-polarized electron transfer  ferromagnet/C60 interfaces Authors: Timothy Moorsom, May Wheeler, Taukeer Mohd Khan, Fatma Al Ma’Mari, Christian Kinane, Sean Langridge, David Ciudad, Amílcar Bedoya-Pinto, Luis Hueso, Gilberto Teobaldi, Vlado K. Lazarov, Daniel Gilks, Gavin Burnell, Bryan J. Hickey, and Oscar Cespedes. Name of the Journal :Phys. Rev. B 90, 125311 ,2014 ISSN No: 2469-9934 Google scholar, Scopus & SCI
    51. International Journal 2014 Title: Dense electronic excitation induced modification in TiO2 doped SnO2 Nanocomposite films. Authors: Manoj Kumar Jaiswal, Rajesh Kumar and D. Kanjilal Name of the Journal: Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 610, 651-658, 2014. ISSN No: 0925-8388   Google scholar and Scopus
    52. National Journal 2014 Title: Formulation of algorithm using Trigonometric functions and Fuzzy rules for the solution of Economic Dispatch Problem under uncertainties. Author: Tanchi Sharma Journal:  Lingayas Journal of Professional Studies,Vol 8 , issue 1, pp 8-12, 2014. ISSN: 0975-539X    
    53. International Journal 2014 Title: Zeros of polynomials with extreme coefficients. Authors: S. Sripriya and Ajeet Singh Journal: Mathematical Sciences International Research Journal,  Vol. 3, pp. 432-435, 2014. ISSN: 2278- 8697 Google scholar
    54. International Journal 2014 Title: Pulsatile Flow of an elastico Viscous Fluid through porous medium in a circular pipe under the effect of magnetic field and periodic body acceleration. Authors: Anil Kumar and Aarti Ratra Journal: Mathematical Sciences International Research Journal, Vol. 3, pp. 312-319, 2014. ISSN: 2278-8697 Google scholar
    55. National Conference 2013 Title: Anharmonic and thermal properties of beryllium chalcogenides (BeS, BeSe and BeTe), Authors: K.K. Mishra, S.K. Shukla, A.N. Pandey, G.K. Upadhyay and K.S. Upadhyaya, Name of the Conference: 7th National Conference on Thermo-physical Properties at Dept. of Physics, C.S.J.M. University, Kanpur, 17-19 Oct, 2013.    
    57. National Conference 2013 Title: Lattice dynamics of ND4Cl and TlCl using van der Waals and three body interactions Authors: K. K. Mishra, S. K. Shukla, A.N. Pandey, G.K. Upadhyay and K.S.Upadhyaya, Name of the Conference: Proc. 7th National Conference on Thermo-physical Properties at Dept. of Physics, C.S.J.M. University, Kanpur, 17-19 Oct, 2013.    
    59 National Conference 2013 Title: Flocculation-Flotation process for the removal of pollutants from food industry wastewater. Authors: Shagufta Jabin, J.K.Kapoor and H.S.Bhatia Name of Conference:  50th Convention of Indian Chemical Society, Punjab University, Chandigarh. Nov 4-7, 2013 (AECPP-41).    
    58 International Journal 2013 Title: Effectiveness of natural and synthetic   polyelectrolytes as coagulant aid in removal of turbidity from different turbid water. Authors:  J. K. Kapoor, S. Jabin and M.S. Bhatia. Journal: J. Industrial Poll. Control, Vol. 29, No. 2, pp. 261-266, 2013. ISSN: 0970-2083 Google scholar, Scopus, SCI
    59. International Journal 2013 Title: Optimal control of the dynamics of a tumour growth model with Hollings’ type-II functional. Authors: Tanuja Agrawal, M. Saleem and S. K. Sahu Journal: Comp. Appl. Math., Springer, Vol 33, Issue 3,PP 591-606, 2013. ISSN No: 0101-8205 Google scholar, Scopus
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    61. International Journal 2013 Title: Effective use of lime and alum along with synthetic polyelectrolyte in   treatment of dairy industry wastewater. Authors: J. K. Kapoor, S. Jabin and H.S. Bhatia Journal: Poll Research, Vol. 32, No. 1, pp. 39-44, 2013. ISSN: 0257-8050   Google scholar, Scopus , SCI
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